Our Services

UsedSynthes.com offers a wide array of services to help save you time and money. We consistently provide our wholesale and retail client base with the most cost efficient strategies for all of their capital equipment needs.


To assure equipment is in excellent working condition, we coordinate directly with facilities which have surplus else retired medical instruments for sale. Before removing the equipment bought from your facility, we make sure payment has been made. Meanwhile, we do not charge for the removal. This way, the medical facilities not only have sufficient revenue but also can create space without bothering about the costs incurred on handling the same.


With refurbished equipment, we aim to help all those customers who need a new and improved alternatives at an affordable price. Our exclusive range of refurbished products not only looks new but also perform like one. We strive to meet the standards of OEM specifications and conditions while including warranty, as well as biomedical certification.


This is indeed one of those areas where Used Synthes truly specializes. We can effectively manage your requirement with regard to surplus equipment. No matter whether it’s inventory or tracking, storage else sale, you will just not have to be stressed about anything. Here, we have an extremely flexible approach which if required can be tailor-made to meet your needs. Hence, to get the best advice through our asset Surplus Management Program feel free to contact us!


Irrespective of whether you are concerned to sell a single unit or a complete medical facility, Used Synthes has the right resources & contacts. Thus liquidation of the same can be fulfilled without any delay or hassle and let you get the best value for the same.


From partnership dissolution to insurance related work, no matter what your purpose is, Used Synthes strives to offer you appraisals which are accurate & low-cost. So, get in touch with us to discuss your requirement.


If you do not wish to make an exorbitant expenditure on a consulting company, then Used Synthes is here to your rescue. Our team here has the right understanding and skills to guide you through the planning phase to get appropriate equipment for your facility.

Full-Service Custom Programs

Used Synthes can handle all of your capital equipment needs, from inventory and tracking, to pick-up, storage, and sale. Our extremely flexible programs can be custom-fit to your specific needs.