Our commitment to sustainability

Used Synthes is widely known in the refurbished medical market. As sellers, we offer an array of medical equipment for sale. We purchase our medical instruments from different sellers. Surgery centers, hospitals, biomedical, supply chain directors, and clinical engineers are some of the suppliers who Sell Used Hospital Equipment to us. Spine Rod Crimping Pliers, Universal Spine Handle, Insert Drill Sleeve, Rongeur, Sternal Reduction Forceps, Split Tissue Protection Sleeve, and more.

We comprise the highest standard of instrument sets and offer healthy medical business practices. Used Synthes make it simple for the surgery centers and other healthcare facilities to determine what exactly to do with overabundance medical tools. We care about the environment and therefore, pay peculiar care while disposing of unmarketable equipment.Furthermore, our main aim is to always offer cleaned and tested surgical instrument to the customers. And, for this, we make sure that all the necessary used paraphernalia goes through the fastidious refurbishment process.

Whether you want to Sell Your Medical Equipment or buy a used one, we always keep in mind that the equipment truly appears and performs like new! Nevertheless, the thing that distinguishes us from others is that we offer surgical instruments which are calibrated to OEM specifications and conditions. To get the best deal else low-cost appraisals, Used Synthes is always there for you!